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The squat in Erfurt/Germany is located at the area of the former company Topf & Soehne. During the period of National-socialism in Germany this company produced crematories as well as parts of the gas chambers for concentration- and extermination camps like Buchenwald and Auschwitz.
A part of the area was squated on April 12th, 2001 and since then it is used for various projects. The examination of the history of the area and the spreading of informations about it is one of the constant tasks of the squat. So we organize guided tours for the area, information tables, lectures and workshops about the history of the area. However, other issues like antifascist engagement, actions or lectures about the criticism on racism, antisemitism, sexism and capitalism are part of the reality in this project. We participate in the interfering of fascist demonstrations as well as in e.g. the actions against the racist exhibition of african people in an animal-exhibition or in an initiative against the nationalist campaign "You are Germany".
Concerts, parties and other cultural events, like "Food for all" take a big part in our project too. The cultural events provide an opportunity for benefits for political projects and campaigns. They offer a place for communication and cultural events which should be affordable for all. Thereby noone should be excluded by social discriminations or by having not enough money.
Rehearsal rooms, living spaces, artistic activities and a reading cafe are part of the project too. It is very important for the project to be self-adminstrated. We don't want to be regulated in the issues we concern about and how to live together socially, but rather want to organize the project according to our own needs and to those of our fellow human beings.



Organization of the project
Meetings: every Wednesday, 8.00 p.m.
Contact: squat.ef@gmx.net

Concert group .squatnoize.

Organization of concerts
Meeting: every Tuesday, 6.00 p.m.
Contact: squatnoize.ef@gmx.de

Reading cafe

Group which organizes a reading cafe in the squat

Guided Tours Group

Maintanence of the information signs on the area and of the virtual tour at the WWW.
Organization of guided tours around the area


The Indymedia-Erfurt group organizes regularly movie evenings in the squat
Meetings: every 2nd Tuesday, 7.30 p.m. at "Offene Arbeit"
Find more info at the Wiki of the group


Weekly Bar with music, food, movies and other events

Projects, which are no longer active:


"Communist platform within the squat plenum" - anti-german group, which disbanded in 2002

Autonomous education group

Organized events and seminars about various actual/political issues at the squat and other locations in Erfurt

Concert group Rock'n Riot

Concert group, which is no longer active