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Topf & Soehne area - place of offenders


From 1878 to 1948 the company Topf & Soehne did business in the squatted industrial area. During the period of National-socialism in Germany this company produced crematories as well as parts of the gas chambers for concentration- and extermination camps. Another part of the squatted area was owned by the company Linse, which produced the elevators that were used to transport the corpses from the gas chambers to the combustion furnaces where the corpses were burnt.

Materials about Topf & Soehne

Virtual tour about the industrial area.

An older text from the squatters about Topf & Soehne

Homepage of the "Foerderkreis Topf & Soehne" (a group which tries to establish a place on the area, where you can get informations about the history of the area)

Exhibition: Topf & Soehne - Engineers of the "Final Soulution"